SURE – Power, People, Planet

Solutions Using Renewable Energy


SURE creates power solutions for its clients from different renewable resources:
1. Biogas sourced from waste from livestock farms
2. Solar power for households, municipal and institutional projects
3. Biomass from agriculture and industrial operations for co-generation projects

Biogas – From Waste to Energy

The SURE Waste to Energy system converts organic waste to clean electrical power and marketable by-products.

Our integrated approach to waste treatment makes use of anaerobic digestion, a proven technology and naturally occurring process that breaks down organic matter to biogas and nutrient-rich sludge. The resulting biogas is captured and fed as fuel to run a power generating facility. The generated power may be used by a farm or factory on site or sold to the electricity grid. The sludge, on the other hand, will be processed into high-grade organic fertilizer.


i. San Miguel Purefoods – Binh Duong, Vietnam

SURE entered into an agreement with San Miguel Purefoods Vietnam to build and operate a waste-to-energy system for their 13,800-sow farm in Binh Duong province. The project will have a 2 MW capacity power plant to supplement the electricity needs of the farm.

ii. Monterey Farms – Sumilao, Bukidnon

The farm of Monterey Foods Corporation in Sumilao, Bukidnon currently has a capacity of 4,400 sows. SURE is constructing a waste-to-energy system that will treat the wastewater and produce biogas to run a 1 MW power plant.

iii. SIlangan Farms – Lipa, Batangas

iv. Holiday Hills Farms -San Pedro, Laguna

v.Gen. Natividad Breeding Farm – Gen. Natividad, Nueva Ecija


1. Solar Lanterns

2. Solar Home Systems

Biomass Co-Generation Project

SURE is developinga project with Pepsi Cola Products Philippines Inc. through a build-operate-transfer agreement for its La Union bottling plant. SURE will install a boiler that can produce 1.2-MW of electricity. Aside from electricity, the steam from the boiler will be used for bottle washing. The project will offer the bottling plant a savings of 19 percent in steam and 25 percent in electricity.